Adventurous Baby Otter Hilariously Spins Himself Around While Trying To Steal Owner’s Apron

by Angela Andaloro

Otters might be something you see only at a zoo or sanctuary in the United States, but in other countries, otters are kept as pets.

One man in Malaysia has a very special bond with his pet otter.

The baby otter’s name is Od. He lives in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Od’s playful demeanor makes his human, Chin, laugh all the time. Od plays well with other animals and is super-friendly. The only downside to having a pet otter is that they think everything is a toy.

Look no further than Od’s latest adventure to prove that point. Od became interested in an apron hanging off a counter. In trying to get it, he had more fun with it than he actually would have had if it fell.

He hung from the apron, excitedly jumping and spinning around. Chin can’t help but laugh as Od spins himself around on the apron.

Baby otters are adorable, but they’re also endangered. Otters are listed as endangered species in many countries, including Malaysia. Of the 13 different species of otters in the world, five of them are considered endangered. They are threatened by pollution, poaching, and commercial fishing.

Thankfully, many conservation organizations are working on it. Their tireless efforts ensure we can enjoy these sweet creatures for generations to come, so they’re important to support.

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