Mom Is Busy Cradling Tiny Newborn When She Peels Blanket Back To Find A Hidden Message

by Amy Paige
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When baby Everly was just one day old in November of 2014, she was tasked with a very important job.

Everly’s dad, Chad, worked secretly to give the mother of his child, Lauren, the surprise of her life — but first, she needed to realize the surprise was written on Everly’s adorable onesie. Lauren had no idea what was coming just 24 hours after delivering her baby girl.

The surprise was truly a family affair. Chad enlisted the help of Lauren’s cousin to come up with the brilliantly creative idea, which you’re about to see. Both Chad and Lauren’s families were in the hospital room and in on the surprise.

Even the nurses were involved in the set-up!

Here’s how it went down: Lauren’s aunt, who was holding Everly at the time, told Lauren that she had a dirty diaper — so she handed the baby back to the glowing new mom. “Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her and the rest is history,” Chad told us.

Watch the video below to see the message Dad had written for Mom on Everly’s onesie. The second Lauren realized what was happening, she was absolutely stunned.

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[Credit: Chad McDevitt YouTube, Facebook]

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