Baby Moose Gets Hooves Stuck In Gate And Sticks Around After Good Samaritans Save Him

by Emerald Pellot
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A few good men in British Columbia, Canada, rescued a baby moose. It appeared that the little creature was trying to climb the gate of a home when his poor hooves got caught between the wood slats.

A video of the impromptu rescue was posted on YouTube.

“Somehow, the words ‘there’s a moose stuck in your fence’ doesn’t register on the brain the way you might think,” the rescuer wrote in a caption. “Instead of  ‘ya, okay … I’ll get right on that,’ it’s more the reaction of a double: ‘huh?’ or ‘w-w-whaa-what?'”

The man spotted the moose with its small hooves sticking straight through the fence.

“Two hooves sticking out of the fence — and on the other side, the longest, distressed little face, with the biggest brown eyes ever seen.

Apparently, he had tried to jump the gate to our fence but didn’t get the needed height,” he said.

The man and a friend used an ax to chop down the fence. The baby moose was eventually freed. Despite being liberated, the animal didn’t run off as expected. On the cold, snowy day, the little moose stood around, almost eager to hang out with his new friends.

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