Couple Prepares For Their Son’s Birth By Doing ‘Baby Mama Dance’ During Labor

by Angela Andaloro

Jonah and Courtney Platt decided to make labor a lighthearted and fun experience. The couple knew they wanted to keep things positive as they got closer to delivery.

They researched some different methods couples have used to keep things fun to figure out what was right for them. That’s when they discovered the “Baby Mama” dance.

“This thing kept popping up, the ‘baby mama dance,’ so I showed Jonah one night and I was like, ‘I really think we should do this,'” Courtney told The dance is a trend where moms in labor dance to the song “Baby Mama” by Starrkeisha. Jonah was into it, and what resulted has since gone viral.

The couple believes that the fun way of spending some of the time before delivery was definitely the best experience for them. In fact, they recommend it to expectant parents everywhere. “It’s also hopefully a celebration on a new life and you guys want to make sure you are on the same page and feeling good and staying positive,” said Jonah. “Life is full of serious moments, so it’s nice to always keep a smile.”

It would be 27 hours before Jonah and Courtney welcomed their baby boy, Joseph Michael Platt. Mom and dad say that little Joey is doing great. “He’s literally the best. He’s the most delicious little boy and we’re obsessed with him,” Courtney beamed.

Watch the video to see Jonah and Courtney’s “Baby Mama Dance.”

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