Baby In Home Depot Can’t Contain His Excitement When Dad Hands Him An Ordinary Paint Swatch

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

My niece is obsessed with sports balls. It doesn’t matter if they’re baseballs, soccer balls, or golf balls, she’ll carry them everywhere and look at them in amazement.

Just like her, a little boy named Brock couldn’t get enough of paint swatch cards while looking at them with his parents in a home-improvement store.

“What’s this one?” Brock’s dad says. The little one’s face instantly lights up when Dad takes the blue paint swatch out and hands it to him.

Brock makes the cutest sound while looking at his new swatches, opening his mouth in an “O” shape.

He hands the paint colors to his mom. Once again, his dad asks if he likes a new paint card he’s been handed.

“He’s shaking so much!” his mom laughs.

The pure joy on his face is enough to turn anyone’s bad day on its head.

Both of Brock’s parents start laughing as they watch their son shake his head and widen his mouth and eyes while his dad points to all of the different colors. I could only imagine what a huge box of crayons would make him do!

Brock isn’t the only baby boy to go bananas for something. This little boy has the funniest reaction to seeing four-wheelers zoom by him. Then there’s this toddler who adores motorcycle racing so much that his smile stretches across his entire face!

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Thumbnail photo: Creative Commons

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