Adorable Baby Rocks Out To A Popular Jonas Brothers Song While Holding A French Fry

by Angela Andaloro

An Ohio baby won the internet by showcasing her sweet dance moves. Ella Dooley is just 14 months old, but she knows what to do when she’s feeling the beat.

Ella broke into what can only be described as the cutest shimmy ever when her mom handed her a french fry. The Jonas Brothers‘ latest hit, “Sucker,” came on the radio just then. Ella immediately broke into a dance.

“She just really broke it down out of nowhere and I was able to get it on video,” mom Jennifer Burnett-Dooley laughed.

Jennifer knows exactly where Ella got the idea. It seems that Ella’s dad has been dancing with her when she eats. Now, whenever she gets food, she’s in the habit of breaking into a groove.

Jennifer shared the adorable video on Facebook. It went viral quickly, having over half a million shares and 150,000 likes. “Future dancing queen,” admired one commenter.

Ella’s always liked to dance, but everyone was surprised with how on beat she was, as if she was waiting for that specific song. “She always dances, always, but to be right on cue with that song, I couldn’t believe it,” Jennifer noted.

Jennifer posted the video to the Jonas Brothers page, although there’s no word on if the band has seen it yet. Once they do, they’re sure to be a bunch of suckers for one of their youngest fans.

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