Camera Catches Dad Screaming At Daughter With Joy When She Admits She’s Pregnant

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

People are getting so creative with pregnancy announcements. It’s entertaining to watch a family go on a scavenger hunt or participate in a guessing game, only to find out the answer lay right in their loved one’s belly!

Sometimes, the reactions are emotional and mellow, while others are emotional, loud, and way over the top.

The one you’re about to see is definitely the latter.

This video starts rolling as the grandma-to-be opens her birthday present, and has no idea yet that she’s going to be a grandma at all.

Her daughter has wrapped tiny baby gloves. Once her mom figures out from this clue that her daughter is pregnant, she lets out a huge shriek. But it doesn’t end there!

She starts jumping up and down screaming, and once the grandpa-to-be and the rest of the family catch on, they all have the same exact reaction!

They’re clearly ecstatic about adding a new little member to their family, but it seems like they may have been waiting for their daughter to get pregnant for a while!

Could you think of a cuter reaction from a dad? I don’t think so! Let us know how your dad would or did react to your pregnancy news in the comments!

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