Camera Captures Moment An Extremely Rare Baby Giraffe Stands Just Minutes After His Birth

by Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana is an Associate Editor who loves animals and food. A good taco and a snuggle with her dogs is all she needs.

When a baby is born, their parents are often so proud and excited, they want to make the announcement as soon as they can.

When it comes to animals, the announcements aren’t usually something that can be easily shared online. Unless that animal lives at a zoo!

Recently, the Chester Zoo was able to share the happy news that their brood has expanded by one! Their giraffe, Tula, had a baby boy!

The little boy was born the day after Christmas, but he’s already making headlines because he was caught on camera standing shortly after his birth.

The currently unnamed boy is part of a rare group, as there are only 1,600 Rothschild’s giraffes in the wild.

The species has been dwindling due to poaching and habitat loss.

This tender moment of a young one showing some independence very early in life has captured the attention of many. You can see the sweet little one in the video below!

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