Baby Loves His Gentle Head Massage So Much That He Can’t Help Dozing Off On The Spot

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

When you see a baby, you might start automatically smiling from ear to ear without even realizing it.

Babies sometimes have that effect on people — they’re sweet, innocent, and beautiful. It’s almost impossible to not see the good in the world when you look at their shining faces.

And the baby relaxing in the short and sweet video below is basically guaranteed to make your day!

Those cute, chubby cheeks are reason enough to smile, but when mom starts gently massaging his face with her hands, his reaction is perfect. He loves every single second of his luxurious spa treatment, and as she makes her way down from his forehead to his chubby cheeks, his smile slowly fades as he drifts into sleep!

Clearly, this baby has got the life we all want, right?

But, this mom must be living the life, too! This cute video could be an everyday encounter for her and her family. We get to enjoy it for these few seconds — but she gets to enjoy it every single day. Her laugh is the perfect soundtrack for this sweet moment.

Hopefully, this baby makes your day the way that he made mine!

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