Pregnant Mom’s Confused By White Balloons At Gender Party Til She Sees Boyfriend On One Knee

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

A baby gender reveal party is a special time for a couple and their family and friends. A new boy or girl will be joining them, soon to be showered with love and gifts.

It’s an event filled with such joy that it can also be the perfect time to reveal more good news.

This is why a gender reveal party is such a great time for proposals! It’s been done time and time again: boyfriends, overcome with love, get down on one knee to propose to their pregnant girlfriends. They’re already going to be a family, so why not celebrate?

In the clip below, one mom-to-be has no idea that this is what her partner is planning. She opens the big box set up in front of their guests, only to see white balloons floating up.

When she sees their color, she screams, “What the heck?”

Then, her boyfriend gets down on one knee to propose. She ecstatically says yes, and everyone cheers!

But what about the baby? We still don’t know if that couple is expecting a boy or a girl!

After the proposal, the bride-to-be’s mom fills the box with pink balloons for a second gender reveal, which is how the couple finds out that they’re expecting a little girl.

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