Mama Duck Leads Her Babies To Water, Then Waits Anxiously To See If They’ll Make The Big Jump

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

Sometimes, the kind of leaps you have to take before you can move forward in life seem terrifying.

Take these baby ducks for example. In the clip below, you can see them waddling sweetly behind their mother as they cross a bridge over a pond.

Easy-peasy, they must be thinking. And what a lovely day for a family waddle.

Then Mom gets to the edge of the bridge and everything goes sideways.

There is a moment of hesitation. Even Mom seems to peer into those dark waters and wonder if the babies are up to the task.

And then, with a little help from those adult wings, she drops gently into the water.


“Oh, she’s calling them!” someone notes in the clip.

But these baby birdies are a little more apprehensive. And for good reason: Ducklings don’t always fare so well with their early forays into water. Remember the bridesmaid who leapt into a pond to save a drowning duckling?

In fact, there are a whole bunch of things about baby ducks you may not have known.

In this case, the 13 ducklings skirt the edge of the bridge while Mom honks imploringly.

And then —  Plop! — the first brave duckling takes the leap.

Then PlopPlopPlop… the rest of the babies follow suit, taking to the lake like a duck to, well, water.

What better than a little peer pressure — and helpful honking from your parents — to help you get over a hurdle in life?

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