Mom Thinks Newborn Resembles Frida Kahlo, Then Starts Dressing Her Up As Other Iconic Women

by Madison Vanderberg

Chicago mom Jenelle inadvertently turned her 4-month-old daughter Liberty into a viral star when she started dressing her up like famous women in history.

It started when Jenelle thought her then 3 1/2-week old daughter looked like Frida Kahlo (Janelle’s favorite artist), so she dressed Liberty up like the legendary artist, and it was off to the races.

“Liberty may only be 4 months old, but she has already portrayed over 30 women in history that have helped to shape society for what it is today,” Janelle said in a segment on the Rachael Ray Show. “I feel that this is a great positive way not only to share photos of my daughter but to pay homage to these women that have helped us today.”

To date, Liberty has been dressed to look like everyone from Madonna to Amelia Earhart to Rosie the Riveter to Dolly Parton.

Janelle said she didn’t expect the gimmick to take off like it has but said she enjoys looking up iconic women and learning about them in her quest to find new cosplay ideas for her baby daughter. Janelle thinks the project is a lovely way to share photos of her daughter and also honor the many women who have helped shape society.

You can see all of baby Liberty’s adorable dress-ups in the video below.

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