Mom Dressed Up Her Baby As Harry Potter For The Cutest Photoshoot Ever

by Giovanna Boldrini
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Get ready to tear up if you love babies and Harry Potter (and honestly, who doesn’t.)

One baby’s epically heartwarming photo shoot is going viral — and with good reason.

Meet Lorelai Grace, daughter of photographer Kayla Glover. Little Lorelai is officially the youngest Potterhead around, thanks to her mom.

Glover gave little Lorelai a wand, glasses, and even the most snuggly Gryffindor scarf ever for this epic photoshoot.

Glover even surrounded Lorelai with all of the Harry Potter books, and had her pose in a cauldron!

“I absolutely plan to read them to her one day and have her enjoy reading them herself as well,” Glover told The Huffington Post.

We cannot get over how adorable these pictures are! She’s giving us major Halloween inspo.

“Now that her hair has changed to red, I’m thinking I’ll, at some point, need to make her a Weasley as well,” she said.

Ten points to Gryffindor.

Take a look at these too cute photos below to get some ideas for your next baby photo shoot. We also won’t blame you if you take some cues for your own Halloween costume.

For more of Glover’s adorable baby photography, head on over to her Facebook and Instagram page.

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Lorelei dressed as Harry Potter:

Lorelei dressed as Harry Potter:

Lorelei's other Halloween costume:

Lorelei's other Halloween costume: