Couple’s Newborn Stops Breathing During Mall Trip, Hero Deputy Steps In To Save Her

by Amy Paige
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Kaylob and Jessie were so excited to bring their 1-week-old daughter, Audrey, to the shopping mall in Oregon.

They wanted to take their very first professional photos together as a family.

As the couple went to exit JCPenney with their newborn in tow, Audrey suddenly stopped breathing.

The frantic parents screamed for help and attempted to perform CPR in the vestibule as passersby rushed over to try and help.

Jessie called 911, and the dispatcher walked her through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the cops came — and the terrifying incident was captured on the mall’s security cameras.

When Deputy Jonathan Zacharkiw arrived at the scene, he assumed Audrey had already passed away. He later said this was “the most upsetting thing I had ever seen in this job.”

Deputy Zacharkiw started chest compressions, and minutes later, rescue crews from the local fire department arrived and continued the efforts.

Kaylob and Jessie fell to the floor in each other’s arms, cradling one another and praying for their baby to be brought back to life. Thank goodness, that’s exactly what they got.

See the harrowing moment in the video below.

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