Pregnant Mom Passes Out In Bed, So Doctors Perform C-Section After Determining She Had A Stroke

by Angela Andaloro

A mother visiting California from Brazil suffered a serious medical emergency. Heberton Santos and his wife, Vivian, were in the United States because Heberton is a visiting scholar at UC Davis.

The physicist was surprised when his wife told him that she had a headache. When Vivian passed out in bed, Heberton called 911. When she arrived at Sutter Davis hospital, doctors determined that she had suffered a stroke.

Doctors determined that Vivian would need to be transferred to Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, but before they transferred her, they decided to perform a C-section. Vivian and Heberton welcomed a daughter, Stella, before Vivian was transferred to the other hospital via helicopter.

Thankfully, doctors at Sutter Medical Center were able to stop her brain from bleeding.

It’s taken three and a half months for Vivian to recover from her stroke. The family has now been given a clean bill of health and can return to Brazil. Before they departed, they wanted to take the opportunity to thank the doctors who saved their little family. Heberton translated for Vivian, who spoke in Portuguese, “I want to thank you, everyone. Each nurse who took care of me. Each doctor who treated me.”

The family went on to thank the 2,000 people in Brazil who were praying for Vivian’s recovery. For them, it’s nothing short of a miracle that they’re heading back home. “I’m a believer. I believe in God and I believe God sent you guys to take care of my family,” Heberton said.

Watch the video to see their beautiful baby girl.

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