Couple Finds Abandoned Fawn In Backyard, Then Decides To Bottle-Feed Her To Keep Her Safe

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

Sometimes the world can seem so big and so scary, it can stop you dead in your tracks.

Especially when you’re just starting out in it. And your mother is nowhere to be found.

All alone and faced with a world of uncertainty, this baby deer could only do what came naturally: she lay down and cried.

Luckily for this newborn, her corner of the world happened to be a backyard in Galloway, New Jersey, and the couple, who heard her plaintive bleats from inside their house, weren’t the kind of people who turned away a cry for help.

After taking the crucial step of consulting professional animal rescuers — in this case, Wildlife Aid New Jersey — the couple took the baby deer inside for the night. They bottle-fed her and made her feel warm and safe.

For some orphaned fawns — like one who was found on a farm and ended up staying there his whole life —  just seem to know when they’re in the right place.

Even abandoned elephants are no strangers to the lifelong kindness of humans… and dogs.

For the New Jersey fawn, it was just a night. The next day, the animal rescue group picked her up — where baby will stay until she’s strong enough to return to the wild.

But sometimes, all you need is that reassuring moment, when you know you’ve found yourself in the right hands. And hearts.

For this fawn, it may be a moment she remembers for the rest of her life. If you think this story can inspire others to take a moment to help others in need, please SHARE it.

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