Mom Looks Away For 2 Seconds And Turns Back To Find Her Baby Inside An Arcade Claw Machine

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Kids can get themselves into a lot of trouble pretty quickly. Case in point: this video.

According to ViralHog, a mom in Marion, South Australia, looked away from her baby son for for just a few seconds, and he managed to get himself into a pretty unusual situation.

The mom says that she had been playing the claw machine with her son but didn’t win anything. After giving up on the game, she stepped back to talk to two men nearby. That’s when her son disappeared from her side.

She said there was a moment of “confusion and panic,” and then, she saw it. Her son’s little head popped up inside the claw machine!

I can only imagine how scary that would be to see, but as soon as it becomes clear that the baby is OK, this turns pretty hysterical.

One of the men the mom had been talking to runs to get an employee to unlock the door of the claw machine and let the baby out, but not before his mom got the footage you can see below.

The baby’s mom says her son was “happily playing and chatting to us through the glass the whole time.” He never seemed scared or worried that he was trapped inside. Truth be told, surrounded by all those squishy toys, he was probably in baby paradise!

Thankfully, he got out without any issue, and everyone left the arcade with a pretty funny story to tell that day.

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