Mom Goes Into Labor As House Burns So Stranger Gives Her Baby Clothes After Ultrasound Mistake

by Mauricio Castillo
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While welcoming their new baby girl into the world, Benjamin and Macy Huggins lost everything to the flames of a wildfire.

But through an unexpected twist of fate, they found themselves with a bunch of new baby clothes and other essentials.

All because of a mistake with a completely separate family’s ultrasound!

It all started when Ben — a nurse — was at work, helping to evacuate patients from the hospital due to the incoming wildfire.

“I looked up and knew our neighborhood was on fire, so I knew we had lost our house,” Ben recalled.

Ben and his pregnant wife, Macy, lived minutes away from the hospital he worked in.

Just as the wildfire engulfed their home, Macy had gone into labor at her mom’s house. They knew the hospital near their home wouldn’t be a factor due to the fire, so they traveled to another hospital.

And thankfully, they did!

After their baby girl had been successfully delivered, they began to wonder about the aftermath of the wildfire.

“We have nothing, and we are bringing this baby into the world and lost all this stuff we had that was perfect for her,” Macy said.

Incredibly, another couple down the hall in the hospital had just welcomed their own baby into the world but, because of a mistake with their ultrasound, they had been expecting a girl.

Instead, they’d welcomed a baby boy!

“The first thing the mom asked: ‘Is there anyone who can use this baby girl stuff?'” Ben said.

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