Organize That Diaper Bag Like A Pro With This Awesome Packing Trick!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as baby crazy, but I would say that every baby I have ever had the pleasure to meet was an adorable little roly-poly angel.

Unfortunately, the same truism does not apply to their diaper bags. If you’ve ever traveled anywhere with a baby, you know that trying to make anything resembling “progress” while toting all their gear is uniquely nightmarish.

Between the stroller, the car seat, the diaper bag, and the toys to stave off impending tantrums, it can sometimes seem like getting out of the house is wishful thinking at best. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for at least one dilemma right at our fingertips!

It’s as simple as taking the same logic that we grown-ups use to efficiently packing our own suitcases for vacation, and applying it to getting ready for day care or bringing your little one over to Grandma’s — it’s all about efficient packing.

Nest snuggly toys inside of clean sippy cups, make sure diapers are packaged or zipped away in a waterproof makeup bag, and most importantly, utilize the easiest possible system to streamline all of those baby clothes for your little one’s next quick-change.

First, arrange all the clothes by outfit, then get rolling — you can check out how it’s done in the video below! And if you love the genius simplicity of this easy trick, make sure to SHARE with every mom, grandma, and auntie you know!

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