Dad Rants About Lack Of Changing Tables In Men’s Restrooms And Fathers Everywhere Agree

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Babies poop a lot. There’s no way around it — they’re basically little poop machines.

In their early days, babies do nothing but eat, sleep, and poop.

So it makes sense that parents have to spend a ton of time changing their little ones’ diapers.

At first, it can seem kind of gross, but within a few days it becomes second nature.

Back in the day, tending the children was often a woman’s “job.” Now, though, many dads like to take on a fair share of the work, whether that’s feeding, burping, or changing the baby.

Even George Clooney says he changes his twins’ diapers!

So if men are taking on half the responsibility of raising babies, why aren’t more public restrooms equipped with baby changing stations for men?

Women’s rooms almost always have changing tables, but men’s rooms often don’t. Clint Smith, a teacher, writer, and Harvard University PhD candidate, is sick of not being able to change his baby when he’s out in public, so he turned to Twitter to express his opinions about it.

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Hello world

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Clint Smith is a new dad, and he’s been absolutely loving all the experiences that come with fatherhood.

Since welcoming his baby, though, he’s noticed that there are some serious problems with men’s restrooms — primarily, that they don’t have changing tables.

Clint turned to Twitter to express his frustration with the lack of baby changing stations in public bathrooms.

Not only is it impractical for dads, it’s inconvenient for moms!

People everywhere were able to relate to Clint’s tweets.

Within just a few days, his first tweet had over 14,000 likes.

Moms often unfairly take on the burden of parenting, and Clint hopes that can change.

The problem is that even when men want to be involved parents, they often aren’t given the necessary tools (like changing tables in bathrooms!).

Other dads could immediately relate to what Clint wrote, and they responded in the comments.

One man wrote, “It starts off flattering then becomes quickly maddening how often people will act like you’re Super-Dad for doing mundane stuff with a kid. ‘HANDS FULL I SEE!’ ‘OH YOU’RE SUCH A GREAT DAD!’ ‘BABYSITTING TODAY??’

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Other dads couldn’t have agreed more about the “babysitting” comment.

One guy wrote, “That ‘babysitting’ one drove me nuts. They’re my kids! Not only is caring for them my literal job, I ACTUALLY care for them and enjoy it.”

dad diaper

A woman responded, explaining that her husband always had the same problem with changing tables.

She wrote: “My husband always made the point of finding the manager, while holding our child(ren), and asking what accommodations were being made for fathers who needed to do changes. And the mgrs were always surprised that any men cared.”

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Clint is fed up with not having access to changing tables.

He even said, “Right now I am a master of the Chipotle booth table change. Lap change is next.”

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Do you know dads who changed their kids’ diapers?

Were they ever infuriated about the lack of changing tables in bathrooms?

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