Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Then Boxer Rushes Over To Comfort Him With Tickles

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Katie Wahrhaftig has two adorable babies, one just happens to have fur on his bottom.

But that doesn’t make their bond any less special and close.

Between you and me, I think this adorable 9-month-old baby Grahm and his beloved dog brother Jeeves have a closer relationship than some blood siblings do!

Katie adopted the beautiful boxer Jeeves when she was five months pregnant. She worried at first if her dog would get along and accept their new baby when he came along, but all her stresses diminished pretty quickly after introducing the two.

Now? Even when baby Grahm is crying, Jeeves is the one who saves the day and comforts him — and their mom!

And that amazing truth is explained in the video below, perfectly.

Katie records as her baby cries on the floor, but as soon as Jeeves walks into the picture, it’s as if there was never anything wrong.

Katie has taught Jeeves to come over and tickle Grahm every time he’s upset. With the tip of his wet, adorable nose, he does it and succeeds in creating one of the cutest baby–dog videos you’ll ever see as Grahm bursts out in laughter.

I won’t believe you if you say you can watch this without smiling!

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