This Baby Bottle Manicure Takes Mommy Nail Art To A New Level By Squirting Actual Milk

by Kim Wong-Shing
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The latest over-the-top mommy nail trend is here, and it might make you spit out your coffee. Moms are now doing baby bottle-themed manicures, complete with real milk inside.

A Moscow, Russia, nail artist invented the technique. The artist, @nail_sunny, posted a tutorial video on Instagram, which shows her using acrylic to create a baby bottle shape on a set of nails, then injecting each nail with good old-fashioned milk.

The video also demonstrates how the nails work. To show that the milk is actually accessible, @nail_sunny pierces the bottle’s nipple with something sharp. White liquid then drips out.

Needless to say, people were stunned, impressed, and somewhat disgusted all at the same time.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen,” one commenter wrote.

Others joked about how, with this manicure, their own babies would never have to go hungry. I think we already have plenty of solutions for that, though. Like breastfeeding. And actual bottles.

Is there even enough milk in this manicure to feed a baby? If so, is it hygienic? My brain hurts.

Russian manicurist @nail_sunny invented the newest mommy nail trend: baby bottle nails.

The nails contain actual liquid inside, so theoretically, if you’re out and about and your baby gets hungry…

You can just pop one open, like so.

And then… feed your baby a tiny bit of milk at a time? I’m not entirely sure how this works.

But you have to admit that this manicure is impressive.

In a tutorial video, @nail_sunny demonstrates exactly how to make the baby bottle nails.


She starts off with a regular acrylic nail, then adds another clear layer on top to create a bottle shape.

Then she injects each nail with white liquid using a syringe.

Next, she adds rubber nipples on top, which she repurposes from glass droppers.

And lastly, she paints a blue band on each nail to complete the baby bottle effect.

And voilà! Each nail is its own self-contained baby bottle.

Is this blasphemy? Is it genius?

Perhaps this is all a dream?

This isn’t the first mommy nail trend to take the internet by surprise, though. A couple months ago, sonogram nails became a thing.

Women got their baby’s sonograms painted on their nails, sometimes to honor babies lost in miscarriages.

At this rate, we should be seeing another new controversial mommy nail trend in approximately two months.

Placenta nails? Baby food nails? I’m prepared for anything.