At 19-Week Ultrasound, Mom Spots Baby’s Strange Spine And Discovers Son’s Defect: Spina Bifida

by Anna Halkidis
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During a routine ultrasound, Kira and her husband, Ken, weren’t expecting to hear the devastating news about their unborn son, Ciarlo.

At 19 weeks, the baby was diagnosed with spina bifida, a birth defect preventing the spinal cord from developing properly. (It’s the same condition that led doctors to perform surgery inside the womb in Nashville, TN.)

Their obstetrician sent them to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for extra care. The baby was born at the hospital and underwent surgery to fix the spine.

“I didn’t let myself fall in love with him because I wasn’t positive that he would make it,” Kira says in the CHOP video below.

“The second that I saw him, he had my heart.”

But little Ciarlo survived. Despite the difficult journey and being paralyzed below the waist, the boy’s mom describes him as “one of the happiest kids that you’ll ever meet.”

From the boy’s energy in the video below, his mom’s words have certainly been proved true. And his spirit is truly inspirational.

“I expect him to do great things,” Kira says. “He might have to go about it in a different way than others, but he’s going to do great things.”

Warning: the video shows footage of the baby post-surgery.

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