Baby Blames The Family Dog For Making A Big Mess In The Bathroom

by C.B. Dionne
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When I was a little kid, I thought one of the best parts of having a little brother was having someone to frame for anything I did wrong.

Being that I was three years older, I was so much better at explaining why my little brother was actually the troublemaker, and I was an innocent little angel. Anything I would break, or any dessert I would eat (not at dessert time) could easily be blamed on my little brother.

Well… sort of. I’m pretty sure my parents saw through my little ruses, especially when I had crumbs or chocolate on my face!

This mom definitely sees through her baby daughter Bean’s blame game when she tries to blame a toilet paper explosion on her bulldog sibling. Sitting in a pile of shredded toilet paper, Bean points the blame on Esther the dog when explaining what happened.

“Was it Esther?” Bean’s mom asks.

“I think yes,” says Bean, thinking she has successfully passed the blame.

Although Mom is way too smart to fall for this blame passing, it’s hard to get mad at the adorable troublemaking combo of Bean and Esther. Mom will have her hands full with these two, who appear to be longtime partners in crime.

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