Mom Loads Groceries, But When Son Screams, She Turns To Find Creepy Man Holding Her Baby Girl

by June Rivers
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Victoria had just finished grocery shopping at her local Kroger supermarket in Texas. She returned to her car and began loading in the groceries with her two young kids in tow.

Victoria’s two-year-old daughter Madison was still fastened into the shopping cart basket just feet away.

It was a hot day outside, so Victoria quickly turned away from the Madison’s basket to turn on her car’s air conditioner before putting the kids in the car. But just as she went to turn on the AC, she heard her five-year-old son screaming.

“Mommy, this man is trying to grab the basket with Madison in it!”

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

Victoria instantly turned back around to find a strange man trying to take her cart away — with Madison still inside!

Horrified, she lunged at the cart and grabbed the basket, screaming bloody murder so other people would hear the commotion. Within seconds, Victoria realized she was playing a terrifying game of tug-of-war, tussling with the basket; thank God Madison was buckled in, making it harder for the man to pull her out of the cart completely.

Victoria claimed the man said he just “wanted to say hello” to the infant — but she knew if she let go of the cart, Madison would be gone.

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