Couple Led 20 Cop Cars On High-Speed Chase While Racing To The Hospital To Deliver Their Baby

by Caralynn Lippo
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Some pregnant women labor for hours on end, while others deliver much more quickly. First-time mom Tiffani Von Glahn was among the latter group, and her dramatic birth story has now gone viral — for good reason!

Tiffani and her fiancé, Carl Alewine, recently welcomed a daughter. But the circumstances of the baby’s birth were unfortunately more than a little stressful.

It all started when Carl got a frantic call from Tiffani while he was working on New Year’s Eve. His fiancée (whose pregnancy was high-risk because of her small frame and the baby’s position) told him she was in labor, three weeks before her expected due date.

Their mad dash to Medical University of South Carolina (which specializes in high-risk deliveries) inadvertently resulted in a high-speed police chase that left Carl in handcuffs, watching his daughter be born in the middle of a highway intersection.

“I’m watching it the whole time, I’m on the hood of the car, in handcuffs, watching my child be born, it’s New Year’s and the fireworks displays are going on all around us, blue lights flashing and I’m crying tears of joy,” Carl told People. “I wasn’t even thinking about being arrested.”

At the time of posting, Anastasia was still in the hospital due to some complications from her premature birth, but the baby is doing well and expected to come home to her parents soon.

Though their story went viral, Carl and Tiffani were evicted from their home shortly after the New Year while caring for their premature baby. Carl recently started a GoFundMe page to help raise the money the young family needs to pay rent for a new place.

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Carl Alewine

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