Toddler With Down Syndrome Steals Wedding Guests’ Hearts When He Walks Down The Aisle

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Babies all dressed up? Count me in. Especially if the baby is a hardworking little boy like Braden Mayer.

Braden is shown in this video walking down the aisle at a loved one’s wedding. When he first appears, everyone turns to stare.

With wide eyes, teary eyes, and smiles, he makes it all the way down in time for some applause.

His mother, Jenny Mayer, explains how often people take the littlest things for granted. Things that may take most babies a few days or weeks will take Braden months or years.

He was born with Down syndrome, but he will not let that define him. Instead, his mom hopes that the love and support that he gets from everyone around him will be what defines him most.

This video is a beautiful showing of the hard work and struggles he’s powered through in order to remain happy and have a full life.

The mindset that his mother has seems to shine through, and the people watching him are beaming with love and happiness for him.

I can imagine the bright, strong future that Braden will have with such a support system. And he’ll clearly get there with his own two legs.

Hopefully, this can help some remember that people with Down syndrome can do anything they can do, too.

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Video Credit: Jessica Overholt Videography,

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