Babies Perform Adorable Irish Riverdance That Will Make You Smile

by Paul Morris
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These two babies have quite a future ahead of themselves in the Irish river dancing world!

The video begins right in the middle of it, these two talented babies are bouncing and hopping at such a speed that even the professionals of the dancing world wouldn’t be able to keep up with!

And while the sweetie on the right took a few seconds before she turned around, that was clearly an artistic choice… She obviously wanted to branch out from the crowd before synching back up to the steps of her sister.

We’ve seen quite a lot of dancing babies before, and Irish Riverdancing birds, too! But these twins really seem to have that “luck of the Irish” when you watch them.

Along with their adorable smiles, these sisters are obviously in a good home with parents who love them very much. And, we must say, they get extra style points too for their cute matching tutus!

While these babies have a while to go before they’re competing at the professional level, at least they’ll always be able to say, “I was dancing before I could talk!”

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