Pregnant Horse Goes Into Labor And Herd Comes Running After Baby Drops To Ground In Sac

by Amy Paige
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Scott and Sarah have over 50 horses on their beautiful ranch in Spain. The horses on their ranch live in a natural herd environment and are free to roam the gorgeous pastures.

They had just bought a new camera, and this is the first video they took with it — a video that captures the miracle of birth and the first moments of life.

Prepare to watch in amazement as a pregnant Azteca mare gives birth to her foal, who plops onto the grass in his sac membrane.

As the foal stands up on his wobbly legs, takes his first steps, and nurses from his mother for the first time, the other mares gather around in pure delight.

It’s incredible to see how the other mares help protect the baby — and even keep the nosy stallion away.

One commenter says it best: “Lovely to see the horses in their natural environment with the stallion being able to live with his mares!”

Video Credit: Scott and Sarah Wehrmann / Double Diamond Ranch / YouTube

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