Doctors Perform C-Section And Find Placenta ‘Gave Up’ After Mom Says Baby Hasn’t Moved All Day

by Grace Eire
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When you’re unsure about the things going on in your body, you can read about it online as much as you want.

However, the best thing you can do is to listen to your own body. After all, no one else can feel what you’re feeling.

When one mom noticed that her baby stopped moving at 38 weeks, she knew something was wrong. She didn’t know what was wrong, but she knew in her gut that something simply wasn’t right.

Ayla Heller of Oregon is now a happy first-time mom, but things could have turned out differently if she hadn’t listened to her mother’s advice to follow her own instincts.

As it turns out, she needed an emergency C-section for a very scary and unexpected reason.

Ayla took to Facebook to share her scary story in the hopes that it would encourage other mothers in her position to listen to their bodies.

See her full story below, and remember that it’s most important to make sure that you listen to yourself, because you know best!

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Left Thumbnail Photo: Wikimedia Commons / KellyPhD

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

Ayla Heller posted her story on Facebook:

So I’ve decided I wanted to share publicly what happened with my delivery in hopes that it can help someone else one day. 

So the day I turned 38 weeks was obviously just a normal day, I got up and went to work like usual. Pretty early that morning I had already noticed Maddy wasn’t kicking around very much but had assumed she was having a less active day (which happened regularly).

By noon, I felt her adjust her position which brought to my attention that she still hadn’t kicked, but at least I had felt some kind of movement.

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

So the day goes on and I still hadn’t thought much of it until 7pm. Dalton put his hand on my belly and asked if she had been kicking. I became uneasy as I realized she still hadn’t moved all day.

So I took a bath, drank cold orange juice, Dalton poked at my belly, and we even listened to her heartbeat with our fetal Doppler (which there was a heartbeat) but still no movement.

We became a little panicked but since I had felt her adjust positions and heard her heartbeat, I knew she was at least alive so I didn’t know what to do.

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

I texted my mother asking if it was normal because online did not help. Half of everything I read said go in immediately, and the other half said that babies run out of room to kick. My mom was very persistent and insisted I go in or at least call my midwife.

So I called my midwife, left a voicemail, and eventually got a call back saying there would be a room waiting for me in the labor center.

Upon arriving I was hooked up to monitors so they could track babies movement. Once again I was given orange juice, ice, rolled this way, rolled that way, adjusted… literally at one point they had my bed set up to where my belly and legs were flat and my upper body was tilted upside down slightly!!

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

After about 30-40 minutes I was informed that my midwife was on her way. (Which my mother knew was a bad sign and got everyone to the hospital, thankfully).

Upon my midwife’s arrival, she wasted no time to inform me that things were not looking the way they wanted and I was most likely going to have an emergency cesarian that night.

I was shaking uncontrollably but was kind of in too much shock to really have emotions about it. We were informed that if there was life threatening problems with Maddy, which they believed to be a pretty high chance, she would be life flighted over to Randall’s.

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

I was stalled out while my midwife waited for all the on-calls to arrive and then was immediately rushed into the operating room.

I was given my spinal and before they could even get Dalton in the room they began the delivery. She came out fine and cried a little bit, but she needed oxygen. 

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

After about 40 more minutes, Maddy and I were released back to our original room. There I was informed that my placenta had aged prematurely, was calcified, and had basically given up. (I was also told they don’t know why this happens and there’s nothing I could’ve done to prevent it).

This had caused Maddy to not be receiving as much oxygen or food as she needed. This was causing her to try to preserve her energy, which is why she had stopped moving.

This also caused her to have low blood sugar upon arrival so she needed to be hooked up to a glucose drip IV her first few days. 

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

My mother asked what would have happened had I not gone in when I did. “She wouldn’t be here” was the reply. She wouldn’t have made it the rest of the night…

Courtesy of Ayla Heller

So the point in me sharing this is to let anyone else know that things like this DO happen. You know your body and what’s normal for your baby. And BABIES DON’T RUN OUT OF ROOM!! That was the common response I kept seeing.

Babies will always kick weather [sic] there’s much room or not. IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS, GO IN. GO IN. GO IN. GO IN!!! Always be safe rather than sorry. Because I almost didn’t. I almost waited till morning to see if anything changed. And had I done that, I wouldn’t have my love. I’ve heard so many stories of stillbirths because signs may not have been taken as seriously as they should’ve been. 

Sorry it was such a long read, but I know many people have no clue what happened. So part of this was to let those people know who have been curious but were too kind to ask.

But mostly I wanted to let anyone expecting or planning to have a baby to be aware of activity and that a halt in activity is very much NOT normal.

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