Awesome Grandpa Constructs The Ultimate Backyard Fort For His Grandsons

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Growing up, almost every kid I knew shared the same dream: to have an awesome backyard tree house to serve as a secret hideaway for them and their friends.

And if you happened to actually have a tree house? Well, you were the envy of the neighborhood!

Now, it’s been a while since I was a little kid running around and getting into scrapes with my friends, but I don’t think that the near-universal childhood love for tree houses has faded!

After all, there are still plenty of adults building their own arboreal fortresses, like these brothers who created a tree house straight out of The Swiss Family Robinson!

It’s a lifelong dream for lots of folks.

And for two young brothers, that dream became a reality thanks to their intrepid and handy grandpa! After all, how many kids can say that their grandfather put together an entire tree fort for them, complete with real windows and tons of cool details?

Images of this awesome backyard fortress recently started circulating thanks to a post by Imgur user byJamesBragg, who uploaded a series of construction photos showing the step-by-step completion of the playhouse.

According to his captions, the enviable playhouse was the brainchild of the original poster’s father, who wanted to build an awesome structure for his two grandchildren, the original poster’s nephews.

Over the course of the next five weeks, that is exactly what he did!

The fort started out as a very simple and rudimentary sketch that his dad mapped out in a few spare moments, inspired by a similar creation that the proud grandpa made for his own two sons, now grown.

From there, it quickly turned into a kid’s clubhouse that is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!

At first, it was just a simple framework of wooden posts, with a wood-paneled floor elevated about four feet off of the ground.

While the fort isn’t actually situated in a tree, the idea was to get it lofted off of the ground, just like a real tree house!

But before long, the intrepid grandpa and his two sons had managed to add a corrugated peaked roof, perfect for keeping the fort nice and cozy, even on the rainiest of days!

Shortly after that, they added a sturdy door, as well as a hinged window called the “guard’s port hole.”

Perspex windows were fitted under the eaves of the roof, and the structure was even decked out with a fenced-in balcony.

By the time the wooden siding went up a few days later, the whole structure was almost complete, and it ended up being a family affair!

ByJamesBragg notes that he, his brother, and his father all helped with construction, and that his mother painted and finished the doors and shutters.

With a couple of ladders in place to scramble up to the hideaway, the playhouse was complete!

Looks like the perfect spot for reading comic books by flashlight, hiding stashes of candy, and pretending to be attacked by a rival pirate ship. Those little boys sure are lucky!

Do you have any little ones in your life who would love an awesome backyard structure like this one?

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