Woman Carves Little Figures Out Of Avocado Pits, And You’ll Want To Take Them Everywhere

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your avocado pits?

Jan Campbell is an artist from Ireland who discovered her life’s true passion a few years ago. It all started when she opened a particularly perfect avocado.

Inside was an especially beautiful stone with lines running upward, like a tree. Because of its immense beauty, she didn’t want to throw it away. Instead, she slipped it into her raincoat pocket to carry as a special token.

A few days later, she went into the woods for a walk and found it nicked up from her keys or some coins. She saw a beautiful orange hue inside and decided to explore further with random craft utensils she already had at home. She’d never carved before, but as soon as she started, she found an instant connection and energy in the action.

Soon, she had a beautiful avocado stone (or pit) face. She was then eager to make more carved avocado stone faces and people!

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After her first carving, Jan went out to get as many avocados as she could carry.

cloak lady

It was extremely hard waiting for them to ripen, since she had an itch to carve!

leaf man

Now, she's clearly mastered the craft.

cool beard

This little guy's deep in thought, for sure.

moss man

She uses the shape of the particular pit to her advantage for each carving.


What a cute little hedgehog!


This little guy's right back home (at least, until the home gets eaten).


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