Woman Complains About Her Elbow, So Doctor Grabs Peel And Starts Rubbing It On Her Arm

by Jess Catcher
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Every winter, I know I can count on my already super-sensitive skin to get even worse as it dries out in the cold weather and starts to crack.

I’ve spent tons of money on different lotions and moisturizers over the years, but I never thought about simply grabbing these two items from my kitchen, as shown in the video below.

Dr. Anthony Youn shared his dry skin secrets on The Rachael Ray Show, and I’m totally kicking myself for never thinking of them before!

My hands and fingertips are always especially prone to becoming overly dry, regardless of the season, so I can’t wait to try these soothing hacks using olive oil and avocado peels.

I have to admit, I’m just as surprised as Rachael when the woman sitting on her stage, whom the host calls a “goddess,” claims that her dry elbows and heels are the reason she can’t seem to get a date.

Thankfully, she won’t have to worry about that holding her back much longer!

Of course, Rachael can’t help herself from making a culinary quip as Anthony shows them how to rub the avocado peels on the dry areas of skin. You kind of have to expect that from the bubbly cook.

Take a look to see his tips for olive oil, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever used these kitchen items to moisturize your dry skin.

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