20 Photos Of Avocado Art That’ll Take Your Breath Away And Make Your Mouth Water

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Avocados are just about the trendiest food out there right now. They’re full of healthy fats that keep your body strong and your brain sharp as a tack.

Aside from all of their glorious health benefits, avocados are absolutely beautiful. In fact, most healthier, nutrient-rich foods tend to be more colorful and bright. So, when you put them all together, your dishes really do end up looking like pieces of art.

Who says that mealtime and the time to get creative have to be separate? Preparing meals is the most fun and the most delicious when you get artistic and let those juices flow.

These 20 photos of avocado art dishes are all so mouthwatering and beautiful that you might be conflicted as to whether you want to eat them or encase them in resin for your mantlepiece.

Have you ever made a dish that approached avocado art like the works of genius pictured below?

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1. Beet Hummus

beet hummus

Do you see the tiny flowers on this toast? The color of the beet hummus is also incredible. I’m in love.

2. Poached Breakfast

2. Poached Breakfast

This avocado breakfast with peas, poached eggs, and purple cauliflower is literally too pretty to eat.

3. Spanish Tortilla

3. Spanish Tortilla

This dish of eggs and potatoes from Spain is made all the more beautiful by an avocado flower. It makes me want to visit Madrid!

4. Cauliflower Curry Pizza

curry pizza

A curried pizza with cauliflower crust, topped with impeccably placed avocado slices sounds and looks absolutely heavenly.

5. Green On Green

green green green

Those little lemon wedges and bits of radish really make the greens of the avocado, sprouts, and peas pop. I would almost hang this photo on my wall.

6. Purple Sunflower

purple sunflower

I wish sunflowers looked (and tasted) like this in real life.

7. Cubed

7. Cubed

I always knew I loved cubism, but this takes it to a whole new level of yummy.

8. Yin And Yang

yin yang

This abstract avocado rendition of a pair of yin yangs will definitely help you balance out your morning.

9. Deep Blue


Sometimes all you need is a cobalt-blue plate and a lone strawberry to turn a plain avocado into a work of art.

10. Avocado Rose

avocado rose

This avocado rose adorned with little aioli baby’s breath specks and actual greenery is perfection laid out on this gray plate. It’s all so earthy and lovely.

11. Masterpiece Toast

princess toast

Don’t you think that this colorful toast looks like it’s a mini work of art, almost too good to eat?

12. Simply Avocado

simply avocado

Taking it back to the basics can sometimes make the greatest art of all.

13. Blue China

13. Blue China

I think we can all agree that the beautiful plate is the star here, but the bull’s-eye of tomato and avocado really bring it all together.

14. Spiraled Carrots And Scallions

spiral carrots

Based on this gorgeous toast, all you have to do is garnish that scrumptiously green avocado with some spiraled carrots and scallions and you’ve got yourself a certified piece of artistic genius.

15. Avocado Ribbons And Egg

avocado ribbons

It looks like these ribbons of avocado just floated gracefully onto the plate on a gentle breeze and landed with this perfectly fried egg. Help, I’m hungry and want to eat this now!

16. Avocado Planet

16. Avocado Planet

I don’t know what you see here, but to me, this looks like two mini avocado planets, where the soil is avocado and the lush greenery is boundless and beautiful.

17. Red Stripes

red stripes
Grace Eire

What else is that tiny end piece of bread for if not to have an extra couple bites of avocado toast to munch on? Hot sauce stripes are key here.

18. Hummus In The Middle

hummus filled

Not only would I gobble up this hummus-filled wonder in a heartbeat, but I might just blow up the photo and use it as wallpaper in my home. Absolutely amazing.

19. Who Needs A Bun?

who needs a bun

Honestly, what were we ever doing with bread buns when we could have been using avocado the whole time? Disclaimer: this burger may require the use of a knife and fork.

20. Charred And Simple

burnt toast

The orange of the squash underneath that meaty avocado is breathtaking, especially with that charred sourdough behind it. Man oh man, would I love to stare at this for a solid five minutes before taking that first bite.

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