Former Soldier Gets DUI Though He Doesn’t Drink And Says It’s Because Of Auto-Brewery Syndrome

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Ray Lewis doesn’t drink alcohol — but his body might tell you otherwise.

According to Caters News, Ray is a 48-year-old former US Army paratrooper who suffers from a rare disorder called auto-brewery syndrome.

Ray’s body transforms the food he eats, fermenting it in his stomach and turning it into alcohol. According to The Sun, sugar and carbs are the worst offenders.

When Ray’s problems first began, his wife Sierra worried that he was hiding his alcoholism. However, she eventually realized that her husband wasn’t drinking at all. She tells The Sun that she would spend all day with him, but “he would suddenly be intoxicated,” even though she’d watched his every move.

In 2015, Ray was diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome.

Ray says he was also fired from his job as a truck driver because of his condition. He got into an accident after eating lunch and was charged with a DUI because his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit, despite the fact that he hadn’t had anything to drink. He’s now having a hard time fighting his DUI in the legal system, because auto-brewery syndrome isn’t well known or understood.

Check out the video below to meet Ray and Sierra and learn a little more about auto-brewery syndrome, and please SHARE this story on Facebook to raise awareness!

Ray’s friends have started a fund raiser for his legal expenses. You can find out more about his efforts here .

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