Police Release Startling New Information About Suspected Killer Of Indiana Teens

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Two years ago, teens Abby Williams and Libby German were found dead in Delphi, Indiana. The killer still hasn’t been found, and now the people of Delphi are worried that he might actually be a local.

Authorities recently released new information about the alleged assailant at a press conference on Monday.

On February 14, 2017, Abby and Libby were discovered dead off a rural hiking trail near Delphi. On Monday, authorities released new footage from Libby’s cellphone that shows a man walking toward the girls. They also released a short snippet of phone audio in which a man says “down the hill.”

The last bit of new information is the most startling: a new sketch of the suspect.

The updated sketch looks drastically different from the previous sketch of 2017. The man looks younger and has no facial hair.

Authorities say the man is between 18 and 40, but he may appear younger than he is. They believe that he still spends time in the area.

“We believe you are hiding in plain sight,” Superintendent Doug Carter said at the press conference.

The police continue to work tirelessly to figure out the truth.

“It’s unsettling to think that somebody like that is amongst us,” local business owner John McKean told Inside Edition. “You feel like you know everyone, but maybe you don’t know ’em quite as well as you think you do.”

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