Sick Teen Chases Garbage Trucks As His Hobby, Then Gets Wish Granted To Ride Around In One

by Phil Mutz
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For 15-year-old Austin Trusty of West Valley City, Utah, the best day of any week is the day the garbage trucks come through his neighborhood to collect the trash.

As he tells Fox 13, “When I don’t have school I chase that [truck] around my neighborhood… It’s my hobby.”

But unlike your average teen, Austin is living with quite a serious condition, cystic fibrosis. The disorder has made life extremely difficult for him, but now the Make-A-Wish Foundation is helping to make two of his dreams a reality.

In the video below, Austin gets his first wish granted: to ride around in a garbage truck. The happy teen of course doesn’t get to drive the truck, but seems quite content sitting in the passenger seat for a spin around the neighborhood.

Although that made him happy, Austin gets an even bigger wish granted: he gets to go to Disney World!

Jared Perry of Make-A-Wish Utah tells Fox 13, “He got to drive around the neighborhood and live a little bit of a dream of his, which is to be a garbage man.”

Austin’s mother, Sherri, adds about the garbage truck ride, “I think he’s going to enjoy this more than Walt Disney World.”

What do you think of this brave teen’s wishes coming true?

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Footage provided by KSTU

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