Aunt Dances Merengue With Tiny Niece, But Baby Shows Off Her Own Moves And Steals The Show

by Jess Butler
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If I could dance half as well as this aunt and her 8-month-old niece, I would be ecstatic.

When this woman strapped a playful baby into her body carrier to dance the merengue together, the result was simply amazing.

Authentic Merengue’s beauty is in its simplicity and rural, unsophisticated feel,” according to the Heritage Institute.

This smiley baby took the “unsophisticated” notion in stride, putting her own spin on her aunt’s rhythmic steps. The aunt began to sway swiftly back and forth, her hands alternating between a placement behind her head and a long, outstretched position. As she moved around the living room, the excitable 8-month-old smiled and giggled.

Even better, she began dancing along with her auntie.

At first, she wiggled her arms up and down, then side to side. Soon, her aunt danced faster, switching things up. Luckily, the adorable baby girl caught on.

She kicked her legs about, rivaling her auntie’s dance moves.

Later on, the aunt took her niece’s hands and waved them around, guiding her through the song. The aunt began to clap, amusing her little niece even more.

Both of them smiled from ear to ear, bonding over their movement to the music. See it for yourself in the video below, posted on November 27, 2016!

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