Man Notices ATM Doesn’t Look Right. When He Tugs On It, He Pulls Off Credit-Card-Stealing Device

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Denver man Ben Carlson has always been wary of ATMs.

He told FOX 31 Denver that he always pulls on the card readers, because he once heard there could be a credit card skimmer there instead.

A skimmer is a small device that looks exactly like the card reader on an ATM. Criminals can glue these devices over the regular card reader, and then use them to steal the information off every card inserted.

While getting gas at a 7-Eleven in Denver, Ben went inside to use the ATM. There, he tugged on the card reader as usual. For the first time in Ben’s life, it actually came loose.

An illegal skimmer was attached to the ATM and had been stealing the information of every single person who’d used it!

The skimmer wasn’t easy to get off the ATM. Ben said, “Everybody in the store thought I was nuts because I was tearing an ATM machine apart.” But it was worth it. Ben saved himself (and countless others!) from losing serious money.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says these skimmers are popping up all over the country.

How can you protect yourself from an ATM skimmer? Mostly, pay in cash whenever you can.

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