Veteran’s Service Dog Is Stolen And The Next Day Restaurant Calls To Say Thief Returned The Pup

by Mauricio Castillo
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A Navy veteran was understandably overcome with emotion after someone took his beloved service dog.

According to KDVR Denver, the nightmare occurred on a Sunday evening. Levi Roybal tethered his service dog, Astro, outside a restaurant so the pooch could enjoy the weather outside while he grabbed a bite to eat.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Surveillance video in the area showed a stranger take Astro by the leash and leave with the dog.

Levi couldn’t believe it. “My head is just spinning with anger, sadness — not understanding why,” Levi said to KDVR. “He’s my life. He’s my soul.”

Six years ago, Levi bought Astro as a puppy. The veteran suffers from PTSD, and Astro helped him cope with his depression and anxiety. They are best friends, and Levi just couldn’t cope with Astro’s disappearance.

But the very next day, after shedding countless tears, Levi got a call from the restaurant.

According to them, a man arrived at the restaurant and returned Astro. KDVR reported that the man took the dog because he thought he was cold.

The Aurora Police Department is investigating.

Nonetheless, Levi told KDVR he didn’t plan on pressing charges. All that mattered to him was having Astro back.

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Footage and photos provided by KDVR Denver

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