Kids Get It Wrong When Asked To Imagine Their Moms’ Childhoods

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When it comes to blurting out thoughts and opinions, no one is more honest and unfiltered than a kid. You never know what your child is going to say until they say it, but that also makes their compliments and praise all the more meaningful and genuine.

Children tend to have a slightly altered perception of reality, which can make the things they say pretty hilarious, too. Even when it comes to their own parents, children aren’t shy about sharing their opinions and less-than-realistic beliefs.

Recently, a group of children were given the chance to talk about what their moms were like when they were kids. Naturally, most children thought their moms grew up in the Stone Age, and their responses proved to be both adorable and highly entertaining.

“She had to walk to school. Buses weren’t invented then,” one boy said about his mom growing up.

“When my mom was little, she invented super technology,” he went on to add. “Yeah, 70,000 years ago, when my mom was born.”

What these kids didn’t know is that, behind the scenes, their moms were listening to everything they said! Just out of view, moms were both laughing and cringing as their children told tall tales of their lives as kids.

While some children’s answers were slightly exaggerated, others just made no sense at all.

When asked whether his mom had any siblings, one child responded, “No, she’s an only child.” Behind the scenes, his mom laughed and said, “I have siblings!”

Though the children didn’t really know what their moms were like as kids, they certainly know what their moms are like now — and only had great things to say about their parenting.

“She’s really nice. She really does everything for me,” one girl said about her mother. “She helps me a lot. I just love my mom!”

This touching video highlights how important our mothers are in our lives. From taking care of us when we’re sick to buying our favorite snacks, like Lance sandwich crackers, our moms can do it all and more.

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