Photographer Captures The Tiny Beauty Of His Beloved Baby Rabbit

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

When a family gets a new addition, it’s always cause for celebration, and everyone wants to capture the moment for posterity.

That’s why baby photo shoots are so popular. Proud families love to show off their newest members, and they’ll have cherished memories forever.

Of course, not everyone’s newest additions are of the human variety, but they’re just as special. People commemorate their new cats and dogs all the time, and sometimes even zoos and animal sanctuaries get in on the action, like they did with Imogen the koala.

Photographer Ashraful Arefin, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was just as excited when his pet rabbit, Tooni, gave birth to a tiny baby bunny.

After being inspired by the many human newborn photo series he saw online, Arefin decided to try his hand at it, with the star being his fuzzy new addition.

He opted for the same soft, pastel colors and delicate style that you see in many human photos, and the little bunny’s tiny pink nose and sleepy expression work perfectly with it.

Check out his series below. We think Arefin has a bright future as a newborn photographer!

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Ashraful Arefin is relatively new to photography, having started in 2013. But he finds endless inspiration in his two rabbits.

When Tooni, the female, had another baby, Arefin decided to create a photo series based on the human newborn shoots he’d seen online to celebrate.

He also got a few pictures of proud mom, Tooni.

Needless to say, the baby is tiny, and like many animal babies, was born with her eyes still closed.

Arefin even documented just how tiny she was. Tooni, Jr., as she’s known, measured only 2.6 inches at the time of this photo.

And she’s basically the cutest thing on the planet.

But it wasn’t just a newborn shoot. Arefin stretched the series out over time, documenting her growth.

“Watching her grow up every day, opening her eyes for the first time, wiggling her tiny nose… everything was just so special!” he says.

He says he wanted to “capture those sweet moments and share my happiness with other people through the photos.”

“I hope these photos will make people happy and make them smile,” Arefin says.

And he’s right — it’s pretty hard not so smile on seeing photos like these!

“Especially in this hard time in the world, we need more happiness,” he says, “and what’s a better option than a fluffy little bunny?”

We couldn’t agree more.

You can see more of Tooni, Jr. and her parents, as well as Arefin’s other photography work, on his websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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