Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Calls Out Victoria’s Secret In Controversial Instagram Post

by Kate Taylor
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Most of us have spent our lives with an understanding that the women who model the clothes we shop for are genetically blessed.

With that in mind, we know the outfits they show off will probably wear differently on us “mere mortals.”

Still, it can be difficult not to compare ourselves with professional models. Moreover, it can be tough to deal with parts of the fashion industry that idealize looks that are unattainable for a vast majority of the population.

A woman who challenges notions about a singular beauty standard is plus-size model Ashley Graham.

She has spent her career demonstrating that fuller body types are beautiful too, and are often a lot more relatable than the size zeros we’re used to seeing.

Ashley is used to being criticized for her outspokenness and for her unique take on the fashion world. However, the model recently turned the tables on Victoria’s Secret and their lack of inclusiveness in their annual fashion show.

ashley graham with wings

In a recent post on Instagram, Ashley Graham took aim at Victoria’s Secret saying, “Got my wings.”

To be clear, Ashely did not actually walk in the fashion show, and this picture is Photoshopped.

Victoria’s Secret models are said to “get their wings” when they walk in the show, which is what Ashely was referencing.

The models are also called Victoria’s Secret angels, because they quite frankly look like they could be.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is an annual event that features top models baring skin in the company’s lingerie.

The 2017 installment recently took place in Shanghai, where plenty of models with “perfect” bodies lined up to strut their wings.

backstage victoria's secret fashion show

Generally speaking, a Victoria’s Secret model is between 5’8 and 6′. They usually weigh no more than 125 pounds, according to Trendy Like Me.

Needless to say, Ashley Graham is not the type of model you’ll see walking down this runway.

However, even if Victoria’s Secret did want Ashley Graham in their show, there wouldn’t be any clothes (or lingerie) that would fit her.

Victoria’s Secret only carries up to size 16, which bars many women from wearing their products.

In fact, there is even a petition in place asking the brand to expand their sizes to be more inclusive.

Dana Drew, who created the petition, says there are over 100 million plus-size women in America alone who can’t shop at the store.

ashley graham

It’s due to Victoria’s Secret’s sizing that Ashley Graham decided to make a point about the brand and the annual show’s failure to relate to this huge group of women.

ashley graham and plus size models

Thanks to Ashley and women like her, we are seeing more and more models with realistic body types gracing fashion spreads.

Ashley is committed to creating more than one type of face (and body) for fashion, and is so influential that Victoria’s Secret might just listen.

After all, what is life without enjoying plenty of yummy food (and yes, the pounds that can come with it) anyway?

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