Elephant Accidentally Farts In Public, Then Her Best Friend Runs Away From The Stink

paul Paul Morris
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Elephants are very social creatures, and while they love to hang around their best friends, from time to time they’ll make a social faux pas and frighten everyone away!

A group of elephants was happily enjoying a dirt bath with each other — this helps keep their skin less irritated by insects, and the time spent together really helps build bonds between elephants. These bonds were being strengthened until one of the elephants “let loose” something pretty bad!

With a group of humans looking over the interaction, we couldn’t ask for better luck than this. The sheer luck that this person had their camera rolling at the perfect moment to catch the “event” is pretty amazing to think about.

When one of the elephants finally accidentally lets a fart go, her friends seem pretty horrified. One friend turns around, looks her in the eye, and then instantly begins to run away toward the camera. The look on the guilty elephant’s face really says it all, she actually seems a bit ashamed of herself!

Thankfully, even though her friends are a bit upset at her for farting in the middle of a dust bath, and even though elephants never forget, they do eventually forgive. So although she farted in front of everyone, they’ll get back together by the end of the day!

Special thanks to “Save Elephant Foundation,” make sure to check out their website and YouTube page!

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