Step Inside This Woman’s Artsy And Quirky 150-Square-Foot Tiny Home

by Angel Chang
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To really live simply is to learn to live with only the most essential, basic things. If something is in essence not the most practical or useful that it could be, then it is secondary.

People very often turn to tiny-house living when they want to downsize, or just want to live more realistically, peacefully, and off-the-grid.

Lily Duval, of Christchurch, New Zealand, has chosen to transform her lifestyle by living in a tiny home measuring just 150 square feet.

She’s an artisan and a collector, but since moving in to her new home, she has to let go of many of her possessions. Instead of throwing them away, she has given her leftover belongings to several friends and family members.

What she still keeps, she displays proudly and beautifully on carefully constructed shelves. The quirky little trinkets and crafts in her home are truly wonderful to look at!

Scroll on to take a look inside Lily’s amazing home, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Lily Duval owns a tiny 150-square-foot home in Christchurch, a large city in New Zealand.

The home is situated on a small plot of land, and might look a little less than impressive from the outside — but step inside, and you will undoubtedly be wowed.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Like any other kid, Lily loved building huts and forts when she was little.

Decades later, she would carry over this fun fantasy into real life.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Searching for a way to transform her life into clever, simple compact living, Lily built a dwelling that would house extremely useful and practical things that could also have multiple functions at once.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

For example, Lily has a desk in the kitchen area that doubles as extra bench space.

Almost every appliance is also applied with magnetic tape, which means that they can be store onto the refrigerator door.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

“I really like the childlike quality to living in a small space,” Lily said in a video for NZ House & Garden magazine.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Close to every inch of the tiny home is covered in secondhand crafts and trinkets, and artsy memorabilia.

Lily often reflects on what she doesn’t need in her life. But instead of throwing things out, she chooses to give everything to friends and family.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Lily also makes a lot of her own clothes and belongings, and when she runs out of space in normal storage, puts them below the floorboards in neat little units.

Right next to the kitchen is a tiny bathroom with a $20 galvanized bathtub and incredible tiles.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Lily’s “mezzanine bedroom” is in the loft space up above, and is accessible by a movable ladder.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

Plenty of lanterns and jars with ingredients adorn the walls and shelves in the home.

But Lily’s greatest possessions are her books. She has a tough time parting with any of them — so has built several unique bookcases that fit snuggly next to the door.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

She is particularly fond of recipe books, and keeps them conveniently at arm’s length on the workbench near the kitchen, and on a wall-mounted holder.

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

She does have some great tips for those who are striving to constantly conserve space in their living area.

“The most effective way to save space is to have less clutter,” she advises on

“Save only your most attractive and beloved pieces of crockery and display them on shelves so they work decoratively as well as functionally.”

Tiny artsy house in New Zealand

We absolutely loved the way Lily has decorated and furnished her tiny home — especially the beautiful stained-glass windows, Roman blinds, and rustic ware — and hope that her ideas and tips have inspired others to build and love their own tiny homes.

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