250-Square-Foot Tiny Home Doesn’t Sacrifice Form Or Function

by Jessica Rothhaar
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It’s easy to make the assumption that tiny home living means having to give up full-size appliances, interior decorating opportunities, and general functionality of the home.

The builders at Handcrafted Movement believe otherwise.

We found a beautiful 250-square-foot tiny home that doesn’t sacrifice form or function due to its size. On the contrary. This might be one of the most beautifully decorated, well-thought-out homes we have ever seen.

This tiny home is efficient, exemplary in utility and design, and ready to live in! Looking around and taking in all the details, it’s almost hard to believe that this is a tiny home.

However, the 24′ Artisan Retreat Model is compact and easy to move.

If you weren’t sure about tiny house living before, this model may change your mind.

Scroll down to view pictures of the gorgeous interior, and let us know what you think of this little home in the comments!

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The creators and builders at Handcrafted Movement have clearly put their heart and soul into this 250-square-foot tiny home.

It’s unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

Just by looking at the photos, it’s almost hard to believe this is a tiny home.

The layout is functional, but very comfortable and chic.

The interior is efficient, and decorated to perfection.

Every inch of space is used for a reason.

The creators of this tiny home also made sure to use green-certified materials.

Reclaimed and salvaged wood is extensively used throughout the house and the entire space is lit by energy-efficient lighting.

The beauty of this place is truly in the details.

The light colors contrast nicely with the dark, hardwood flooring while copper accents shine brightly throughout the home.

Just because it’s a tiny home, doesn’t mean it has to come with tiny appliances.

The kitchen boasts a 27-inch farmhouse-style ceramic sink.

It also includes a full-size, four-burner LP range with a warming drawer!

There’s even a coffee and tea station nestled in the back of the kitchen.

It truly gives the space a more luxurious feel.

The home will be completed and up for sale in June of this year.

Most of the staged items you see in these photos are included in the price!

If you’re interested in learning more about this gorgeous little house, visit Handcrafted Movement’s website.

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