10 Inexpensive Pieces Of Framed Art To Use For An ‘Art Collage Wall’

by Karen Belz
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It happened almost two decades ago, but I still remain proud of my freshman year dorm room decor. I wanted to cover the full wall with things that were important to me.

Between the Phantom Planet and The Royal Tenenbaums posters were pictures of friends from back home, cutouts of Jimmy Fallon and other Saturday Night Live alums, and postcards that I had found. It was a real masterpiece and was never able to be duplicated.

One of those reasons is that the second you hit adulthood, you don’t want an unframed poster hanging in your room anymore. Poster frames often cost money. And it’s not as important for me to have a room that reminds me of movies and bands I like.

My style these days has changed. And that’s completely normal.

I also have slightly more money to spend on better art. Art is truly what you make of it. You won’t like every piece, but some just stick with you. So making an art collage wall is something that has piqued my interest. It has the same aesthetic as my dorm room, but it won’t make me look like I’m 18.

There’s something great about the art collage wall. For one, nobody’s wall will look the same, so you still keep a sense of individuality. Secondly, the pictures are easy to rotate. Have a new piece you want to add? Do it, and it’ll change up the entire wall.

If you’re looking to get started, here are 10 inexpensive pieces of framed art that’ll make your art collage wall really pop.

Minimalist Woman

art collage wall

Created by The Colour Study and sold on Society6, this art piece will really make you think. It comes in multiple sizes and would be a great centerpiece for your art collage wall.

Shop Now: Minimalist Woman Painting ($36,74+, Society6)

Holding Hands

art collage wall

This framed piece has a similar aesthetic and would make a great companion piece. Or it could also be used solo. While holding hands might not be seen as the best practice these days, it’s still a great way to showcase love if you’re being safe.

Shop Now: Holding Hands Print ($9.99, Target)

Printed Canvas Set

art collage wall

These canvases come in a set of three, which means they’re a great way to add to your framed wall collage. Created by Pamela Munger and PI Studios, they’re a wonderful value and will add a pop of color to any room.

Shop Now: Printed Canvas Set ($39.99, Target)

"Like a Bee to Honey" Print

art collage wall

If you love nature, this is the print for you. And if you happen to love spring, even better. Created by BluCraneArts, it arrives framed and ready to hang.

Shop Now: “Like a Bee to Honey” Framed Print ($30+, Etsy)

Tiny Bird Print

art collage wall

Are you missing the beach? This small framed seagull print will make your living room feel more like Ocean City. Created by CarlaJArt, it’ll look wonderful next to your other prints.

Shop Now: Small Framed Bird Print ($16.60, Etsy)

Coffee Framed Print

Coffee Framed Print

Are you a coffee fanatic? Then this print by Beth Hoeckel will surely speak to you. If you like to rotate your framed prints around, this one would also look fantastic in the kitchen.

Shop Now: Coffee Framed Print ($32.99+, Society6)

Summertime Spin Art Print

Summertime Spin Art Print

Looking to add a ton of color to your wall? Then you might want to check out all of the prints available from Honeybee Curiosities. One of the best is Summertime Spin, which is available preframed.

Shop Now: Summertime Spin ($19.99+, Society6)

T. Rex Print

wall art collage

It’s OK to be an adult and still be into dinosaurs. They’re fascinating to learn about and part of our planet’s history. This framed T. rex decor will catch anyone’s eye.

Shop Now: Tyrannosaurus Rex Schematic Diagram Art ($20.01+, Etsy)

Tropical Succulent Canvas Prints

framed wall art

Finally, a succulent you can’t accidentally destroy! This set of prints will add a bit of life into your living room. They’re also great if you’re looking to create an art collage wall that has a nature theme to it.

Shop Now: Tropical Succulent Canvas ($25+, Etsy)

Small Butterfly Gathering

Small Butterfly Gathering

Since we have to keep our social distance, it’s nice to look at other species who don’t necessarily have to right now. (At least, to our knowledge.) This framed piece of a butterfly gathering will lift your spirits and remind you of all the beauty in the world.

Shop Now: Butterfly Gathering ($39.99, Walmart)

15-Piece Framed Art Set

15-Piece Framed Art Set

Maybe you want to just click one single button and have your entire wall art collage in the bag? That’s actually an option thanks to this amazing set of framed pieces from EKfly on Etsy.

Shop Now: Wood Framed Set ($139, Etsy)

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