Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver’s Daughters Are All Grown Up And They’re Both Gorgeous

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most versatile celebrities out there. He began his career as a professional bodybuilder, then went on to become an actor, producer, author, businessman, activist, and politician — and that’s not even everything.

Of course, Arnold is most famous for his bodybuilding, his acting, and his political career.

Arnold started weight training at only 15 years old. Five years later, he won Mr. Universe and then went on to win Mr. Olympia seven times. To this day, he’s still an icon in the bodybuilding world.

In 1982, at age 35, Arnold starred in Conan the Barbarian, and it skyrocketed him to international fame.

In 1986, Arnold tied the knot with Maria Shriver, a TV journalist.

They went on to have four children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher. In 2011, just after Arnold’s second term as governor of California ended, it was revealed that he had a third son, Joseph, with his housekeeper.

Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger is close to all of his children. His daughters, who are 26 and 27, are all grown up, and they’re absolutely stunning.

arnold schwarzenegger

In 1977, Arnold Schwarzenegger was attending the Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament when he met television journalist Maria Shriver.

Maria’s mother, Eunice, was the sister of President John F. Kennedy and senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

maria katherine

Arnold and Maria fell in love, and on April 26, 1986, they got married in Massachusetts.

Three years later, on December 13, 1989, they welcomed their first child, Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger.

Eighteen months later, Maria gave birth to their second daughter.

Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger was born on July 23, 1991.

schwarzenegger kids

Maria and Arnold went on to have two more children: sons Patrick and Christopher.

Five days after baby Christopher was born, Arnold unknowingly had another child, Joseph. His housekeeper, Mildred “Patty” Baena, didn’t tell Arnold that Joseph was his son for years.

arnold daughters

Now, Arnold has a close relationship with all of his children.

He’s especially proud of his daughters, who have begun to make names for themselves in the professional world.

katherine schwarzenegger

Katherine, now 27, attended the University of Southern California, and in 2010, she published her first book.

Entitled Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back, the book encourages young women to be confident in themselves.

In 2014, Katherine wrote another book: I Just Graduated… Now What?: Honest Answers from Those Who Have Been There.

She also recently wrote a children’s book called Maverick and Me. It’s incredible that she’s already established herself as an author at 27 years old.

Even though Katherine struggled with body image during adolescence, it’s obvious that she’s absolutely beautiful, both inside and out.

She also shares a remarkable bond with her sister, Christina.

christina katherine

Christina may not have written any books, but that doesn’t mean she’s not successful in her own right.

She keeps her professional endeavors to herself, but she shares a lot of family photos on her Instagram.

arnold christina

It’s clear that Christina is proud of her family and everything they’ve accomplished.

She regularly posts throwback photos of her parents and siblings.

christina and arnold

It’s refreshing to see someone, like Christina, who has lived her whole life in the public eye but still sees the value of family.

They truly are a stunning family.

christina katherine now

Although Maria and Arnold ended their relationship in 2o11, and officially divorced in 2o17, it’s obvious they instilled good family values in their children.

Their kids constantly support one another and are always there for each other.

schwarzenegger family

In 2014, Arnold answered fans’ questions on Reddit. When someone asked him, “Of all the things you are famous for, which are you least proud of?” Arnold responded, “I’m least proud of the mistakes I made that caused my family pain and split us up.”

arnold's birthday

Even though he made some mistakes in his personal life, it’s clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids have good heads on their shoulders.