Soldier Sits Down Next To Stranger In Airport Only To Find Out He Paid For His Family Vacation

by Marina Caitlin Watts
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It’s never easy having a loved one as an active member of the military.

However, there is nothing like that first hug when they reunite with their family, like this daughter and her father.

When U. S. Army soldier Mr. Glascott returned home on leave from Iraq to celebrate his son’s birthday with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, he met a stranger named Brad in an Atlanta, GA, airport during his layover.

They spoke about what Glascott was planning on doing during his time off, and Brad was very interested in hearing Glascott’s story. He asked for Glascott’s address to send him a card to thank him for his service.  Not thinking much of it, Glascott wrote it down for him and carried on with his journey home to meet his family.

When Glascott’s family finally arrived at Great Wolf Lodge to check in, they received an incredible surprise: their trip was paid for in full by Brad, as a thank you to Glascott for his service.

Glascott and his family were amazed by the man’s generosity, like this military mom who’s lunch bill was paid for by her waitress.

Little acts of kindness like this go a long way, and Brad’s gift made the trip for the Glascott family especially memorable. Stories like Brad’s can be found on Like Giving, which inspires the world to live generously through story. I Like Giving has impacted more than 31 million people in over 170 countries, and is just getting started.  

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