Army Wife Surprises Husband With Weight Loss And New House

by Emerald Pellot
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Larry Shaffer was deployed to Afghanistan for an entire year. That’s when his wife, Misty, began keeping a massive secret from him.

Larry didn’t think much of the photos his wife would send from the waist or neck up. Little did he know, Misty was up to something huge.

His wife decided to make a few lifestyle changes. With her husband deployed, she was no longer tempted by his late-night ice cream binges. Misty began to monitor her foods and to exercise. When Larry left overseas, she weighed 260 pounds; when he returned 12 months later, she weighed less than 155. Misty had struggled with her weight since she was a child — at her heaviest she weighed 300 pounds!

This change wasn’t about her appearance, it was about her health.

“I would eat when I was bored. I’d eat three huge meals a day, and then snack in between. Sad or happy, I’d turn to food for everything,” she said.

She kept the transformation a secret from her husband for the entire year. She didn’t reveal the new Misty until she ambushed him at the airport. But that wasn’t the only surprise; Larry was able to see his daughter, and the brand-new house Misty got while he was away.

“She kept her weight loss and the house pretty much away from me for the past year. So I know she’s able to face pretty much anything,” Larry said proudly of his wife.

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